Youth Program

The youth garden summer program is a 5-week program for youths/children to learn and grow through gardening, to engage in discussion about life and to challenge their curiosity. The youths in the area come into the garden twice a week to learn about gardening, planting, composting, and growing fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy eating and many more. We laid out the weekly activities below:

Introduction to Gardening:
Learning how plants grow. The resources plants need to survive. How plants help the environment; Touring the garden; picking summer raspberries and strawberries.

Discussing germination, which is the process by which an organism grows from a seed or spore. They learn the four stages of germination. Picking selected seeds to grow. Weeding the plots of weeds and preparing the raised bed before planting seedling. Discussing how germination relates to human life.


Discussing the plant life cycle

Time To Plant

Putting on our gloves, grab our tools, water, planting the seedlings on to the ground, and watch them grow.

Food as Medicine:
Herbalist demonstrated how to use different herbs in the garden for medicine and the support the body immune system. The kids learned about yarrow, chickoree, three leaves Glover

Learning when and how to harvest different fruits and vegetables from up to underground such as peppers, beets, tomatoes and many others.

After completing the program, the youths are rewarded with a certificate of participation.

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